An aerial photo of Linnich

linnich.jpg (175425 bytes)

Linnich and the Roer Valley. The dark band along the left side of the picture, leading into Linnich in the upper left, is a steep, 40 foot bluff. At the bottom of the bluff is a creek flowing from the church. Between the creek and the river in the center of the picture are the village medows. The two straight lines south of the bridge on each side of the river are dikes surmounted by roads. The bridge east of Linnich is demolished and the river has been forced around the west pier by accumulated debris. East of the river is a smooth curve of the railroad along which were dense minefields. The large building (extreme right) is Schloss Breitenbend. Legend told of a tunnel leading under the river from the church to the castle, but it could not be found.

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