New Address:

Lt. James C. Slavens

Hq. 309th Engr.Bn,84 INF Div.

APO 84 do P.M,

New York, NY



Dear Folks,

Just a line to let you know Iím feeling fine and have finally landed in an outfit. Iím in the headquarters now acting as assistant to the Executive Officer and Liason Officer from this battalion to the Division Hq. At least for awhile I wonít need the knife Dad made for me -even though I canít get to it now. Weíre assigned to the First Army on the north side of what used to be "Bulge," and as far as Iíve discovered, have really played an important part in stemming the Germans and in forcing them back. The CO. of the battalion has received the Silver Star for the part the unit played in the battle.

Itís still winter here and it will remain for about a month more;; however, after that we can expect better weather.

Iíll close now and write more later, now that you have my new and permanent address. So long and keep writing - my mail should come through better now.