Sunday, 4 Feb, Ď45 Somewhere in Belgium


Dear Folks,

After quite a delay in writing you Iíll try to find time to at least let you know Iím feeling fine and hope you are all the same. The winter spell has at last been broken, at least for awhile. Most of the snow has been washed away by the rains so about all the real cold has vanished - not to my regret. We had quite a few days of sunny weather and clear nights, but at present we are having a bit of a cool spell-thanks to some rain and wind. However, (I feel sure we wonít he seeing any more really cold weather.

Lots of things have been happening, but I canít tell you about them because of censorship. However, I can talk some about the operations we took part in a couple of weeks ago. Our division helped straighten out the remaining part of the Bulge - and did a good job, too. Of course the Engineers were up there, too, so we got our share of action. The Battalion Hq. was located a good ways back so all that I saw of the battle was on paper, though, a couple of times I did hug the ground, ducking from artillery shells landing close behind the front lines. Then, I went into one of the towns just a very few hours after it was captured, but I did that just to see what it was like - not under orders. All was well, though, and I somehow managed to write Dorothy nearly every day you once during the time. A few days ago I asked Dorothy to write you to let you know everything was OK with me, so you wouldnít worry. I hope you have received that letter by the time this arrives.

There isnít much more I can say, except that I havenít been working too hard. I just now heard some good news - some of the officers in the same shipment as I have received mail. They are in different outfits than I but it all makes me believe that my long-delayed mail will be catching up with me before the week is past. Gosh, I hope Iím not too optimistic, but maybe.

Iíll have to close now and run an errand for the S-3 (who made major today). Iíll try to write more later on but I suspect my free time is nearly over for tonight. Write soon.

as ever, J.Clyde