Wednesday a.m. 6, Dec, 1944

Dear Folks,

Well I left Reynolds day before yesterday and am on my way to "over there." I canít tell you where I am now, or where Iím going. All I can say is that Iím well and wish I were back home. We have no idea where weíre going nor when-but Iíd just as soon it be that way. Dorothy will leave Greenville today noon and go to Lamar, Mo., to visit her aunt and Uncle, then go on to Elk City a week or so later. I believe she will work there at home thru the Christmas rush even though she doesnít need to, as far as money matters are concerned; but it will keep her busy until nearly time to return to school.

We werenít given a day or two notice of shipment there at Reynolds as the officers in other regiments were, so we were really rushed for awhile - so rushed I hadnít time to call you as I had hoped to do. Perhaps, if I get a 12 hour pass, I can phone you even though about all I can say is "hello, How are you? Iím fine. Gíbye." But at least that will be something.

The food here is tops! Yesterday we had steak for both dinner and supper, large, thick, juicy slices. That with everything else they pile on your tray makes more than a full meal. Of course it isnít like home cookin;, but for the army itís hard to beat.

Thereís so little I can say - nothing has happened that Iím allowed to talk about. Last night I went to see the movie "Wilson" and was very glad I did. Also on the post last night was Oscar Levant - the pianist who appears on "Information Please" on the radio. The program was broadcast over the camp public address system so I heard a good deal of the program I saw him and the orchestra rehearsing prior to the program.

Well, I must close for now. Please write often and Iíll do my best to answer likewise. Tell Jennie to "get on the ball" and write. She hasnít written me since my last letter to her over a month ago.