Building the Cabin

I was a bit surprised at how dad jumped at the idea of building a new cabin. He worked all winter on getting the needed conditional use permit to build it. He had to get his partners in the old cabin to divest of part of the property. He worked with the lumberyard on a plane for a basic 28x20 building built on a floating cynder block foundation. In the early spring, my freind Dave and I went to work with the chainsaws to clear out spot to the west of the old cabin. The plan was to bring all the family together to get it all framed and sided up over a long Memorial Day weekend. The plan all came together for the weekend, all the lumber was delivered, land cleared, blocks for the foundation layed. The weather was perfect.

Lots of measuring to get it square and level before building the deck. By the end of the day we had a solid level and square deck layed down. It turns out that the area we built on was about 18 inches lower that the old cabin lot. In a few years we would realize that cynder block base would not be high enough.

Day 2 saw the walls go up and on Day 3 the roof was finished. Lots of help during, I wish we would have taken a group picture. Maybe one exists. I don't remember who fed us. Most of my pictures were lost in the fire but I know there are more around.

Grampa was there to watch the his plan come together and inspect the work. The kids were there to keep him out of the way. :-)


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