Cabin Life

Growing up we would go to our hunting shack on the Roseau River near Caribou, MN. It was an old shack that my dad was in partnership with several hunting buddies. It was pretty primitive, no insulation, lots of mice and pretty small. In 1989 we suggested to my dad that we should build our own cabin on the west side of the property. My dad like the idea and spent the winter planning on how to make it a reality. Memorial day weekend 1990 the new cabin started to take shape.

The old cabin in 1989, all packed up and leaving it for the last time. class="imglft" And the new cabin all finished up on the outside in June 1990.




30 years later the cabin has gone through several modifications and improvements. A large screen porch was added the following year. Electricity was added in 2002. After the flood in 1994 it was raised up and again after the record 2002 flood. The most recent change was replacing the old wood cook stove with a modern wood stove. We hated to see the old cook stove go but the new stove is much more efficiant, takes up less space  and provides a relaxing view on a cold night.



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