My Hunting Heritage.

That's dad skinning deer on the left in about 1961. The picture on the rights is from about 1966 and is of a nice buck dad took while hunting in Saskatchewan.

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This is a big northern taken from Echo Lake, Manitoba in about 1961. We always looked forward to dad coming home from his fishing trips. That's me on the right.

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Me and my brother with a pair of bucks in about 1970

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Hunting Jack Rabbits on a cold day in 1974

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My dad and brother with some geese in 1976.


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And of course there is another generation after me.


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Melissa and Jenny ice fishing on Prior Lake

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Taking a day trip into Pike Lake with Melissa.

(She wasn't smiling at the other end of the portage)

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Melissa with some McFarlane Lake walleyes.

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Brianna on her second trip to McFarlane


And Finally Erik on his first big fishing trip

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