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We built a new cabin in 1990, replacing the old shack that served us well for many years. It is located about a mile from the Canadian border and is in the heart of the Aspen Parklands of Northwestern Minnesota. There is good hunting for waterfowl, deer, ruff grouse, sharptail grouse, snowshoe rabbits and there are even a few bears around. The moose season was closed a few years ago while they study why the population is declining. This last year I saw some elk a few miles from the cabin. The local farmer says there is a herd of about 20 elk. There is also an abundance of furbearers in the area. The Nature Conservancy along with the DNR are working hard to restore the land to the original prairie and parklands. The picture above is from a nice stand of Bluestem and Indian Grass.

Most of the pictures we had were lost or damaged when our house burned down  in 1998. However we were able to salvage some and recover others from friends and family. Some of the pictures in the following links are cropped or of poor quality. Our computer and scanner has really helped to reconstruct some of those picture. I hope you enjoy this site an please don't forget to sign my guestbook.

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